Football In Stadium

With nearly 30,000 Football teams in Brazil alone and over 10,000 professional Brazilians playing worldwide it is little wonder Brazil is known as the country of Football.

History of Football

Originally the beautiful game was brought to Brazil in 1894 by Thomas Donohoe, who emigrated to Brazil from Scotland to work as foreman in the Bangu dyeworks. It was there he played Football with other British workers and pushed for help forming a football club to the factory owners. A Bangu Athletic Club was formed in 1904 to form Football, Cricket and Tennis teams amongst others. In its formative years Barazillian Football was played by middle-upper class Europeans, Bangu A.C included anyone from the factory that wanted to play. From 1905-1912 Bangu A.C played Francisco Carregal, Brazil first black footballer.

Rules of Football

A game of Football consists of 2 teams of 11 players, 10 outfield and 1 goalkeeper per side. The match is played in two 45-minute half’s with ‘injury time’ added to account for any stoppages during play. To win teams must score goals by passing the football past the line opposing teams goal line whilst defending their own goal from the other team’s attacks. Only goalkeepers are allowed to touch the ball with their hands except from if a player is taking a throw-in, this is awarded to the opposing team of the last player to touch the football before it goes out of play. If the ball leaves the football pitch between the two corner flags either side of the goal then a corner is awarded to the opposing team of the last player to touch the ball, a corner is a free kick from the corner flag.

Most Popular Leagues and Tournaments

Without a doubt the most popular tournament across the world is the FIFA World Cup, this involves teams from every nation of the world to compete every 4 years. Other hugely popular national events include the EUFA European Championship and the Copa America.

Leagues with a huge number of followers include the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, B, C, D, the Campeonato Paulista. There is also the Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and the English Premier League that have fans internationally watching games.

Football in Brazil

Brazil has been fundamental in the development of Football as a game and an industry, and the birthplace of Football greatest every player, Pele. Brazil is the only country to participate in every World Cup ever held and have won it the most of any team, 5 times. Football is a huge part of Brazilian culture, the national pastime of the young and old and often instilled with political campaigns.

Betting on Football

Popular bets that can be placed on Football matches include:

  • Match result – can be a win for either team taking part or a draw.
  • Correct score – how the game will end, how many goals each team will score.
  • Both teams to score – can be in the first half, second half or full game.
  • Accumulators – betting on the result of numerous matches.

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