Online Slot Game

There is a reason that casinos have sustained a level of popularity over time and despite this popularity being the same now as it ever has the gambling industry has had to catch up with modern habits in recent years. The Coronavirus pandemic saw many casinos having to shut and through this the transition into online casinos has occurred. But what has this transition produced?

History of Casino

There are traces of gambling establishments dotted throughout history from Ancient Rome to the Wild West the origin of gambling houses is unknown, but these games of chance have been present throughout. The first fully functioning computer gambling software was developed by Microgaming and since then online gambling and casinos has seen an atmospheric rise until now where more players than ever are singing up.

Casino Phrases

Like in real establishments, online casinos use distinctive jargon to keep games moving and different dialects understandable by all players. These will be useful when playing online as well.

Poker terms:

  • Ante – small bet all players must place before the game can begin so that there is a value from the start.
  • Blind – small (left to the dealer) or large (left to small) and is the bet placed before cards are turned over.
  • Call – matching bets without increasing.
  • Flush – hand with 5 of the same suit cards.
  • Pair – 2 cards of the same rank.
  • Sit-out – leaving the table for a couple of games, cannot be left too long.
  • Straight – 5 cards in order, of different suits.

Blackjack terms:

  • Bust – getting a card that leaves players hand over 21.
  • Double Down – doubling the amount of money wagered to get a 3rd card.
  • Hit – meaning to be dealt another card from the dealer.
  • Stand – not wanting any more cards from the dealer.

There are many more features of these casinos like online slots and all sorts of game players would usually have to travel for.

The Rise of Online Casino

This industry has ballooned in size from Microgaming’s Gaming Club in the mid 90’s to the 200 sites globally come 1997 up to nearly 3,000 sites in America alone from 2020 and a market worth over $66.67 billion.

Where to Play

There is so much competition at the moment all of which competing for more and more members it can sometimes be overwhelming deciding where to place your money. This decision is helpfully narrowed down by sites like ours that pick out the top competitors per country or region and review the sites features and deals. All of our affiliate sites offer brilliant bonuses for new members and some even let players enjoy free games to get used to what is on offer before placing stakes.

Online casinos are fast becoming the most popular methods of gambling and the industry is offering more and more to reflect that. With restrictions lifting many peoples betting habits will not revert to brick and mortar casinos and why should they, when it is all at their finger tips at home. Visit some of our online casinos for the best welcome offers.