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The Sport in Brazil

The Brazilians have some memorable athletes and events at the top of their minds when asked about all kinds of athletics competitions, but the sport isn’t quite popular except for specific activities in school or as part of the life of healthy individuals, i.e. amateur runners are usually only interested on their progress rather than follow professional sprinters or marathoners.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the sport for Brazilians was the attack suffered by Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima which denied him the gold medal he was likely to win, which in a way kind of makes the sport a bit of a bad memory – even the more recent Gold medal of Mauren Maggi in 2008 isn’t that memorable in Brazil in comparison with the episode that made Vanderlei end up awarded with the prestigious Coubertin Medal.

For that reason, the sport isn’t among the most popular betting markets in the country although there are very interesting possibilities to profit out athletics betting.

The Brazilians associate the sport mainly with the Olympics and Pan American Games, and even to bet on the sport strictly during these events like the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics could prove to be profitable – all that a punter needs is to learn how to bet on the sport and where to find good information.

Athletics Betting

There are numerous different kinds of competitions such as running, jumping and others, which means that as Athletics is a group of sports rather than a single one, the numerous different competitions tend to generate fewer secondary markets, more related to very famous events like Marathons, which in that case come in the form of handicap bets on the time of famous runners, but usually the markets are restricted to betting on the winners of medals whether we are talking about Olympics or other competitions.

The odds used normally are decimals in Brazil regardless the sport in question, which means if you have sports betting skills in general, they can easily be transported to Athletics betting.

Betting Forums

Perhaps the best place to get fresh tips about sports that you don’t know much about are the betting forums; you can easily offer your picks on specific sports in exchange for valuable tips – there are many free forums in the internet, and if you perform well betting on a specific sport, not necessarily athletics, you could be invited to restricted circles of private forums where profitable information is ‘secretly’ shared.

Recreational Bets on Athletics

If you bet for fun then Athletics is a fantastic sport because the nature of events like running offer the chance to bet live on high-speed events and the excitement of betting on a 100m sprint that lasts 10 seconds before the bet result unfolds before your eyes are simply amazing.


The media coverage and the odds markets for Athletics isn’t as plentiful as other big sports like Football, Basketball, MMA and Formula One. However, you can still profit out of specific knowledge about this sport or use it as a secondary market during specific events. We recommend specialized sites and communities about the sport if you are willing to diversify your bets on sports – the market can be quite profitable for specialized punters.