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Choosing a Betting Site

If you are looking for the site to make your first ever online bets or if you are simply looking to diversity your gambling activities and redeem more bonuses, Tudo Apostar is the site for you!

Our staff are highly trained and we know what are the standards of the market, which means we can tell you straight away if you are before a safe operator or not, and within the list of honest ones which sites offer more value in terms of promotions and efficiency in terms of financial services (deposits and withdrawals) as well as the customer support.

The reviews of sportsbooks, casinos and sites with both products will always focus on the most relevant points of the operator, which means that we try to keep the reviews as concise as possible – sometimes we may not mention some things about the review because they are just what we expect them to be and do not stand out positively or negatively.

We will always focus on the things that make the sites better or worse than the market average, because we evaluate many aspects of the site. We will try to explain at this article what the eyes of our betting consultants ‘check’ at a site before you make your visit.

If you want to start betting right now, we recommend Powerplay and Betway. They are strong at all points that you will see below as the ones we evaluate very carefully before indicating sites to our visitors.


If you will visit a site many times and become a customer, you deserve a nice design. By nice we mean functional and as aesthetically pleasing as possible – we are not trying to determinate if a site must be minimalist or maximalist, we just know how it feels like to visit a site with ‘too much visual information’ a hundred times or to see an overly simple bunch of menus with tons of suppressed links that take several minutes of navigation to get where you want – the job of the site is to present an intuitive, beautiful and organised menu.

This will usually be the first kind of comment you will read at our reviews. If we make a brief comment, it means the design ‘does the job’, if careful comments are made then something good or bad stands out in terms of graphic aspects.


As we focus both on sportsbooks and casinos, we will describe the strong and the weak points of each section. If the site offers just one product we tend to describe the features more carefully. At casinos we tend to talk about the size of the slot games list, the quality of the live casino games and at sportsbooks the quality of the odds as well as the markets offered.

Bonus Offers

The bonus promotions tend to change a lot these days whether we are talking about casinos or sportsbooks; while our reviews are constantly reviewed, we will try to include the latest offers which may not be the exact one you see when visiting the site because at times they literally change overnight. We will therefore inform you if the bonuses offered by the site use to be good over the months / years, the best information you will find at reviews will be an idea about this ‘tendencies’ especially when it comes to recurring bonuses to retain customers as welcome bonuses or packages can be used only once.

Payment Methods

This analysis is becoming more similar every day that passes as the sites tend to offer the preferred methods of each country; Brazil is peculiar in that sense as 2 big methods, credit/debit cards and the prestigious PayPal e-wallet normally aren’t available. In general, what defines a good house in Brazil is the option to deposit at least 500 BRL via boletos and a fast withdrawal process especially via bank transfer.

KYC Procedures

The KYC policies may prove tricky in Brazil for the customers because lots of people deposit via boleto and often times don’t even have a bank account which is something foreign bookies don’t quite understand.

We will always indicate how easy it is to withdraw winnings.

Secondary Information

If you know that you are dealing with a safe company that has a good customer support and generous bonuses you already know that you are dealing with a nice site, but we will always include secondary information like free streaming offers, special bonuses and other kinds of information offered by the houses to allow the gamblers the chance to build strong picks.

Count on Tudo Apostar to bet only at the keenest bookies and casinos out there!