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    If you are curious about what bookmakers are, how they work, what they do and who the best available are then keep reading to find out more! You can also read some of our reviews right here on TudoApostar in English or Portuguese to get information on your betting options!

    What Are Bookmakers?

    Bookmakers are the people who have the sole responsibility of taking in bets and setting odds for certain bets that people can place in the hopes of winning. The job of a bookmaker is to consider the probability of certain outcomes and then creating these are available odds that people looking to bet will find and place their money on. The odds will usually be higher for the teams that are seen as underdogs, because this means your risk is higher, but the return will also be higher in respect.

    Betting in Brazil

    As mentioned in other areas on the site, betting with online bookmakers may be a bit more difficult for those in Brazil because the KYC policies are a lot stricter. Many people looking towards betting to make some money will make their deposits through boleto (tickets), which means they don’t even have a useable bank account, and this could prove confusing to bookmakers in different countries.

    What Services do Bookmakers offer?

    Bookmakers offer multiple different services, but the main thing on offer from Bookmakers is the ability to track odds and place bets on these outcomes depending on the odds. If you are smart and have enough trust in your bookie, you could rely fully on their odds to place your bets and watch how they update as the time grows closer. An example of this is: The odds of Team A winning a game are low and the odds of Team B winning are high. You go to place your bets, but you see that the odds have now completely switched because of injuries on one team. If you had placed your bets without waiting as a precaution, you could have risked a potential loss.

    Bookmakers also offer the opportunity to make a set of bets, known as an Accumulator, which are usually multiple specific bets on one sport that all combine to provide you with a high return rate but a lower chance of coming out because everything is so specific. These sorts of bets are fun to place and if you end up winning one you can reap the rewards with a smile.

    Difference Between Bookmakers and Casinos

    The main difference between Bookmakers and Casinos is the fact that Bookmakers make their own odds whereas Casino odds normally update automatically depending on how many times people play in relation to how many times they win. Casinos will often use Random Number Generators in order to decide when someone wins, making it a lot more randomised and difficult to predict, whereas sports betting is all done on live sport which can be slightly less unpredictable.

    What Types of Offers Can I Claim?

    The most common offer on supply from Bookmakers is a Free Bet. Essentially what this means, when you are a new person signing up to the site, you will be offered the chance to place some bets without wagering any of your own money. If you happen to win using these bets, you have made free money without risking anything from your own payroll. The catch with these free bets is that you can sometimes only place them or qualify for them by making an actual money deposit. The other offer that is common is a Matched Bet, which means you deposit money and place your first bet of X amount of money, and the bookmaker will double that bet so if you win you get all of the returns. These offers come with catches too: usually a minimum deposit and maximum deposit!

    Some of the Best Bookmakers

    Our research and selection team are highly skilled and we know what sort of offers people will enjoy the most. For that reason, we have selected some of the best options and compiled them on our site. Our favourite ones include the following:

    Leo Vegas

    Leo Vegas has a great bonus offer for any new sign ups to their site. If you are a newcomer and have not made an account before, you could be eligible to earn up to R$150 in matched bets which is a high-level offer and gives you the opportunity to make a huge number of profits if you place smart bets and do not waste the money. You can read our full detailed review of Leo Vegas and see if the website functionality and other factors will be up to your standard before going to the site yourself. We would recommend this site if you were looking for a quality sign up bonus!


    BetWay currently have a sign-up bonus with a massive, matched bonus offer up to R$4000! This offer is worth signing up for and it is a very good way for you to get yourself some free bets to place and try to win it back as withdrawable funds. We recommend this site as highly as the last, and we have a BetWay review available in English or Portuguese right here on our site for you to read and get yourself familiar with how our research team rates the site and its features.