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There are several kinds of bonuses out there offered by sites of different origins and levels of quality – but how to tell the good ones from the schemes?

Let’s learn how to make the most out of casino bonus promotions.
There are some easy ways to tell whether you should take a bonus offer seriously, the basic steps would be:

  • The Brand Reputation: make sure you try to benefit from bonuses of respectable companies, preferentially controlled by institutions that have access to respectable gaming licenses
  • The Market Average: you may occasionally find bonuses that are significantly better than the average, but the reality is what seems too good to be true normally is just that
  • Wagering Terms: the rules that dictate whether you will be able to withdraw your bonus in the form of casino betting profits need to be understood before you even try to use these funds!

If none of the 3 factors above indicate that the promotion you are analysing is unrealistic, too good to be true or offered by a suspicious brand, you should test the bonus – the important thing is to always make sure that none of those factors ‘scream danger’.

The wagering terms normally ‘explain’ the details of the bonus not just in terms of what must be done to use it, but also important details like ‘where’ the bonus is good to be used. The wagering terms can be confusing and impose overly specific conditions to be able to cash out the bonus funds.

Let’s compare two examples of common wagering terms, a clear and honest one and a ‘slippery’ one that isn’t ideal at all to invest your time trying to profit out of it.

  • Honest and clear conditions for a hypothetical deposit bonus: Rollover of 10x, bonus good to be withdrawn between 48 hours and 7 days after the registration at the casino. Up to 50% of the bonus to be used at slots, 50% at the sports betting section of the site
  • Complicated bonus not worth your time: Bonus to be used only between 48 and 72 hours after the registration. Minimum of 20% of the bonus to be used at Roulette, up to 50% of the bonus to be used at slots (not including Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest), no jackpot games allowed beyond 15%, minimum sports betting odds of 2.10, sports rollover of 25x and casino rollover of 35x.

The differences between the bonus a) and b) are easy to spot: bonus ‘a’ can be used within a decent and feasible time window, bonus ‘b’ has excessive rollover conditions that must be met within a complicated time window, if not impossible considering the amount of times to bet the bonus value over 72 hours. Percentages of ‘b’ are also very confusing.

The truth is some ‘wagering terms formulas’ as designed as absolute traps: the goal of some operators is to never pay it, and if you try to ask questions about the formula the staff of the chat boxes are trained to claim absurd things or present conditions that aren’t even at the site to make you feel like you failed to meet the terms.

The difference between shady sites and honest operators is that bad companies use bonuses as ‘baits’ and treat the customers like some kind of fool, while respectable sites of renowned holdings use the bonus to attract the gamblers to meet their outstanding services and come to stay.

How to Use Bonuses

Casinos are all about trying to get lucky and using bonuses may be a good opportunity to improve your chances of winning.

There’s no guaranteed path to profits based on casino bonuses – sports betting on the other hand works in a different way and bonuses of that ‘section’ of some sites can be used as real tools to improve profit margins based on skilled professional punting.

Remember to face the casino like a casino, i.e. a place where you may get lucky. Sports betting may also be an ‘amusing casino’ but there’s no such thing as ‘professional casino gambler’ unless if we are talking about poker professionals – as poker is a game partly based on skills, like sports betting.

The key to a healthy, amusing and potentially profitable experience with gambling houses is to understand the different nature of the products offered by the operators and choose the place of your next bet according to your goals and the characteristics of the products.