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Exciting Times to Bet on F1

The current situation of the F1 betting markets couldn’t be more exciting: even though Lewis Hamilton has won once again the driver’s championship we had several drivers that had realistic chances of winning many GPs and the English driver only secured his sixth trophy in the final moments of the season.

The main benefit for bettors is simple: when more drivers have chances of winning, the odds for the favourite guys tend to become more interesting. If you ever bet on other sports you know that a boring competition tends to make the odds of the favourites to win melt considerably.

During the 2019 F1 season it was possible to ‘buy’ Lewis Hamilton’s victories with odds in the house of 2.4+ which is a great number, in fact the very nature of the motorsports can make the victory of the favourite competitors riskier than let’s say a football match: the health of the engine and the car have nothing to do with the focus of the driver which means this additional risk is part of the explanation for the interesting odds to bet on famous F1 drivers.

Formula One Bets

The most important betting markets are the outrights, i.e. the bets on the upcoming winners of the two competitions: driver’s and constructor championships.

Secondary markets can be quite exciting, the bets on the final GPs of 2019 have kept the season interesting for many F1 fans even after Hamilton and Mercedes had won; not only the final GPs were good to bet on the winners of the races but other F1 betting markets are quite exciting like the Podium bets (i.e. what driver’s will make it to the podium) as well as other common markets like top 6, top 10 and the winners of the training sessions – it is also possible to bet on what driver will snatch the pole position.

Sometimes F1 transmissions can be boring when the cameras are not filming the most skilled drivers of the top teams, however if you are betting on the top 10 of any given race you will find a reason to ‘care’ and pay attention about nearly all cars in the race: betting on F1 can be an excellent way of adding excitement to the sport you love.

Now that you know how to bet on F1 enjoy one the chance of betting during the upcoming season that tends to be very exciting for punters.

Formula One 2020 Betting Season

The season of 2020 is set to be one of the most exciting of all time as the 2020 season brought the consolidation of Verstappen and Bottas as drivers that have good chances of winning GPs and Leclerc had a marvellous debut season – who could foresee that he would have better results in 2019 than his experienced team mate Vettel?

The season of 2020 should have at least five drivers with good chances of lifting the driver’s trophy: Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, Leclerc and Verstappen.