Arcane Reel Chaos Slot Game Review

When troubled businessman Don Parker tries to rescue his business by selling a mysterious talisman, he unwittingly releases a primordial, malevolent spirit that turns him into an evil villain named Deep Pockets. As he takes revenge on the city, he leaves behind a string of smashed houses and shattered windows. But all is not yet lost.

As the Arcane Reel Chaos video slot unfolds, it is up to four heroes, Flare, Chrono, Zero.x and Psyop, to use their powers, defeat Deep Pockets and save the city’s citizens from his ruinous clutches.

The features brought by our four heroes

  • Flare is one of two lady heroines. Her flame-making power will multiply wins x3, x4 or x5 randomly on your current spin.
  • Chronos is our second heroine. She has the power to alter time and give you a re-spin. Her aim is to send Deep Pockets back or forward in time.
  • Psyop not only has two heads, but he also has a double-headed moggy. With twice the brainpower of mere mortals, he can inject lots of Wilds by randomly spinning two or three reels.
  • Zero.x has the power to magic up Overlay Wilds on the reels. He will conjure up between three and five randomly at the start of a spin.

The graphic design of the four superheroes (and the super-villain) is exquisite and is backed up by a number of other icons and symbols to complete the reel images. The scatter symbol is that of a snake wrapped around a precious amulet. This appears only on reels one, three and five. The other symbols completing the reels are playing-card letters and numbers.

The free spins feature

You’ll find lots going on in normal gameplay mode, but it’s all about reaching the thrilling climax amid the free spins feature. To get there, you need three scatters on reels one, three and five. This will trigger a confrontation with Deep Pockets that takes place on four levels. To vanquish the evil Deep Pockets, you must take as many health points off him as you can.

Levels and health points

As level one begins, our villain is given two health points. The four superheroes share one common health metre that defaults to six points. When a level is won, another single point is added.

However, Deep Pockets’ health points increase too. He gets another two on level two, with another one being added on levels three and four. It makes him increasingly difficult to beat, as our heroes lose a point with every losing spin. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Each time Deep Pockets loses, he, too, loses a life.

On reaching level four

If you do reach the fourth level, your multiplier will be worth x4, giving you the possibility of that all-important edge over your foe. If you can lead the four heroes to victory, you’ll get a special Victory Bonus. But you will have to work hard to win.

Our final verdict

The Arcane Reel Chaos video slot doesn’t come with bet levels. Instead, you have at your disposal 12 different coin values you can use from 0.20 to 10.00, representing bets from 0.10 to 200.00.

Although the mechanics of Arcane Reel Chaos are similar to South Park Reel Chaos, Arcane has a totally different atmosphere. It has a dark and sinister feel that brings with it a more serious note. It is immersive and great fun to play, and with an RTP of 96.81%, it has excellent win potential.

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