Go Bananas Slot Game Review

Go Bananas is a high-quality online slot game from NetEnt, one of the biggest software developers working in the industry today. As you might expect from a NetEnt game, Go Bananas features bright graphics, well-rendered animations, and considered gameplay for an overall excellent experience. While the theme is fairly basic – the reels feature monkeys and fruit symbols which are somewhat reminiscent of classic fruit slot games – the game mechanics are interesting enough to keep players hooked for a while. Go Bananas is a bright, fun, and slightly chaotic slot game which will appeal to players looking for something at once familiar and just a little bit different.


Featuring five reels and 20 paylines, Go Bananas is a seemingly standard slot game in which players spin the reels to land winning combinations of symbols in a treehouse amid a tropical jungle. The gameplay is fast-paced and lively, with cheeky monkey animations triggering every time monkeys appear on the reels. While the game’s theme isn’t anything to write home about, it’s fun and appealing and shouldn’t put players off; what’s going to draw you in, however, will always be the great special features, which in this case, revolves around the game’s five wild monkeys.

Special features

The most interesting game mechanics in any slot game are always the special features, and in Go Bananas, the most unique feature is the wild monkey symbols. In place of standard wild symbols, Go Bananas features five wild monkeys – the gorilla, the baboon, the orangutan, the langur, and the tarsier. When any of these monkeys appear on the reels, they will turn adjacent symbols into wilds, which can make the reels very interesting, particularly on spins when multiple monkeys appear – this is when the money really comes rolling in. Unfortunately, Go Bananas doesn’t feature any options for free spins or multipliers, which are always nice to have, but it actually does just fine without them – more features might even over-complicate this already quite chaotic game.

Mobile play

Go Bananas is produced by NetEnt, one of the biggest developers in the industry. Like most of NetEnt’s online casino games, Go Bananas has been developed with mobile play in mind. The game operates smoothly on mobile devices, including both tablets and smartphones, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you prefer to play while out and about.

Return to player

Go Bananas features a return to player (RTP) of 96.91%, which means that for every £100 you spend on this game, on average, you’ll win £96.91 back. This is above average, certainly, with many slot games offering an RTP of around 96%. Go Bananas might not offer much in terms of multipliers, but it still offers players the chance to win 700x their original stake, and wins tend to come in fairly often, which makes Go Bananas a fun and frenetic slot game with a decent return.

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