Planet Of The Apes Slot Game Review

Planet of the Apes is an exciting slot game from developer giant NetEnt, one of the biggest names in online casino gaming. Based on the recent reboots of the series starring James Franco, this unique slot game features two sets of reels, one representing Rise of Planet of the Apes and the other representing Dawn of Planet of the Apes. Planet of the Apes is an individual game in which players are essentially playing two slot games at once, following two plots, and vying for winning combinations on 40 different pay lines.


Like most slot games, in Planet of the Apes, players stake bets to spin reels to hit winning combinations of symbols, which in this game include headshots of various characters from the films, including Caesar the ape. Each set of slots features five reels and three rows, and the graphics and style of each set both contrast and complement the other, with bright, hopeful imagery on the left for Rise and a somewhat darker, more sinister rendering on the right for Dawn. What’s nice about this game is that players don’t have to pay twice to spin both sets of reels at once, which gives the game a great sense of value and adds a lot of excitement to an otherwise fairly standard slot.

Special features

Like most slot games, Planet of the Apes includes both wild and scatter symbols which add to the fun and offer extra chances to win in the form of easier winning combos and free spins. The game also includes an extra bonus feature on each set of reels: on the Rise slots, players can get a coin win for every human and ape symbol displayed on the left-hand reels if a Rise symbol appears on the first reel. On the Dawn slots, all apes and human symbols on the right-hand slots will transform into the same symbol if a Dawn symbol lands on the final reel. These two features are nicely thought out, and again they offer a great sense of value because each spin could trigger one or both bonuses.

Mobile play

As they usually do, NetEnt has ensured that Planet of the Apes runs smoothly on all devices, including mobile and tablets, so you can play this slot game where you like, when you like. This is fantastic and will be much appreciated by the thousands of slot players who primarily play on smartphones.

Return to player

Planet of the Apes offers a return to player (RTP) of 96.33%. This means that for every £100 you spend playing the game, on average, you can expect to win £96.33 back. This is a decent rate, higher than many slot games, so even fairly serious slot players who like to try and make a profit from their spins should be satisfied by this. It’s also, overall, a very fun game which offers lots of opportunities to win, so there’s really very little reason not to give this NetEnt slot game a go.

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