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The Popularity of the Sport in Brazil

The key to understand whether a specific sport is viable or not to bet at a specific country’s league or even international teams is to measure the popularity of the sport. Handball is behind other secondary team sports that are more relevant in the Brazil such as Basketball or Volleyball. Football is a big exception that can’t be compared with any other sport in the country, which means the proportion of the attention of the sportsbooks active in the country is determined by the popularity factor.

Unlike Basketball and Volleyball, the local leagues of Handball do not have the same quality of TV coverage, i.e. although football remains the absolute favourite sports of the nation, it is still fairly easy to see Brazilian games of Basketball and Volleyball being aired live at the cable tv and occasionally even during shows like Globo Esporte during the mornings of Sunday.

Live transmissions are always a good way to find keen information to build strong picks; even if you don’t follow the sport much closely it is possible to ‘sense’ how the teams are performing.

Considering the ‘size’ of Handball in Brazil, the best betting opportunities still come during Olympic years as well as during other events like the Pan American games.

Unless if you absolutely love this sport, we recommend using it as a market for days that have less events of your favourite sport, regardless if it is football, MMA or motorsport.

If however you are an expert or a lover of Handball there are ways to follow foreign events such as internet transmissions of paid and free sources – some related to sportsbook operators – and the news about the sport are plentiful in English or Spanish although some great leagues to bet like Scandinavian leagues can be hard to find information as it is normally displayed in Swedish, Danish and other languages.

Handball Markets

It is a shame that Handball isn’t as popular as volleyball or basketball because the game can easily be compared with football and the main markets of match result and overs / unders (related to the number of goals of a game) work the exact same way and the odds system that is used normally is the decimal which is the most popular one in Brazil.

The most interesting markets are the ones of big events like the upcoming Olympics in Japan, however it is often possible to bet on other ‘local’ games such as the Pan American games, similar events like the Pacific games or the Mediterranean games often get ‘betting coverage’ offered by bookies active in Brazil although it may be very hard to find news for those events in Portuguese – in fact learning new languages or simply exploring sports news in English or Spanish can ‘open’ a new world of betting possibilities for you.

Handball Betting Bonus

Whether you decide to bet on Handball as a simple diversification of bets done occasionally or as one of your ‘main market’s we suggest to keep an eye for the bonus offered by most sports books to enhance your chances of winning big with Handball bets.