Handball & Goal

There are reports that versions of Handball were being played all the way back in Medieval and Roman times. This sport now has an estimated 800,000 teams across the globe and with so many games going on it is no wonder people are placing bets on this popular ball game.

History of Handball

The pockets of Handball that appear throughout history are not the same as the game we know today, when it was played in Roman bath houses it was known as ‘Expulsim Ludere’. It was not until 1928 that the fundamentals of Handball as we know them, squad numbers, Handball rules etc were legitimised by the International Amateur Handball Federation.

After the fundamentals of modern Handball were legitimised, it took 8 years to get men’s field handball on the roster at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, a big moment in the history of Handball. Since then, there have been additions of indoor handball in 1972 and women’s handball in 1976, this caused a surge in popularity in countries across Eastern Europe.

Fundamentals of Handball

The fundamentals of Handball limit each side to one goalkeeper and 6 out-field players with substitutions, only the goalkeeper is allowed inside the 6-metre line (crease area). The game is fast paced a lot like basketball in that a player cannot hold the ball for 3 or more steps and 3 or more seconds, they must shoot, pass or dribble. A throw in is receive if the opposing team were last to touch the ball before it goes over the boundaries of the court. If a player is dribbling and stop, they must pass or shoot the ball, if they attempt to dribble again this will be counted as a ‘double dribble’ penalty with the ball going to the opposing team.

There are several Handball rules that keep the game fair and civilised such as any tripping, grabbing, hitting or pushing the opponent will result in a foul for the perpetrator. If one of these fouls is committed the team not responsible can receive a free throw, more serious punishments exist to fit severe fouls. Another Handball rule is that out-field players must not kick the ball, if anyone except for goalkeepers is caught kicking the ball the other team will receive the ball.

What types of bets can I place on Handball?

When it comes to betting on Handball there are several opportunities to wager on how the game is going to pan out. Though different sites may include different bets the most popular Handball bets are:

1X2 – This type of bet refers to the outcome of the game, will there be a draw, or will one team come out on top? The 1 in this setup refers to the home side, the 2 to the visiting team and the X to a draw between the two. This is the simplest bet you can place on games.

First Half – This betting is based around the result of the first half, which team will be in the lead at the half time, each half in Handball last 30 minutes.

Over/Under – This bet relies on how many goals will be scored throughout the while game between both teams, with he pace of handball this can be quite high. For example, if a bet was placed on over 32.5 then you would need 33 or more goals to win and under 32.5 you would be hoping for 32 or less.

Handicap – Similar to other sport handicap’s this betting adds or subtracts from each team’s final score, for example if you had a team to win and the handicap was -2.5 they would need to win by over 3 goals. In the same way an underdog might have the handicap of +2.5 meaning that if they draw or lose by 1 or 2 goals this bet will pay out.

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Biggest Handball Events

There are many Handball tournaments around the world from the North American Women’s Championship to the Men’s African Super Cup, here are some events we are looking most forward to:

Tokyo Olympic Games (23rd of July 21).

IHF Men’s Superglobe (11th Oct 21).

25th IHF Women’s Championship (1st of Dec 21).

11th World Games (7th of July 22).

We hope you have enjoyed this quick guide on all you need to know about handball, now you’re all set why not take a look at some of our sportsbooks and have a punt on some handball? Visit our handball betting page for more info on how to bet on this great sport.