Step by Step Guide to Place a Bet

If you never tried to place a bet on a sports event this complete step by step guide will help you. The process of placing a bet starts even before choosing a site.

Step 1: Choose a Bookmaker

This step can be a little complicated as we have about 600 sites of bookmakers accessible through the internet in Brazil.

You should discard the shady companies straight away, but how to do that? Well, if you never heard about the bookmaker and the controlling company has no international gaming license, or even if the bookie looks like that and also offers bonuses that are way more ‘generous’ than the market average, keep away as it screams danger.

After choosing a trustworthy bookie with a realistic bonus, it’s time to register.

Step 2: Registering

After choosing the site you should proceed to the ‘basic’ or ‘initial’ registration. It is important to understand that the process of completing the registration will only be done when you request your first withdrawal, the basic information required to start betting and depositing funds is only a part of the full process of becoming a verified user – bookmakers normally do that to avoid ‘spooking’ you with too many questions right at the begin.

Step 3: Depositing Money

Unless if you come across a no deposit bonus – which is kind of rare these days especially outside the casino market – you will need to deposit some funds into your gaming account to start your sports betting or casino betting activities.

The most popular methods to do that in Brazil are certain e-wallets (surely not PayPal as it is restricted for that use in the country) and the boletos.

Deposits using credit and debit cards rarely work in Brazil because of restrictions of uncertain origin – some believe it is a request of the local central bank while others believe the credit card brands simply don’t want to be involved with this market over here as frauds are common in the gambling sector especially in developing markets.

Step 4: Placing a Bet

If you are going to bet on a sport event, you must understand some concepts of the betting world. The ‘odds’ are the ‘prices’ of the betting world, I.e. these numbers – normally displayed as decimal numbers – ‘dictate’ the amount of money that you can earn if you guess the outcome of a sport event like a soccer game.

The amount of money you bet is the ‘stake’, therefore the stake X the odd = the prize you may win.

After placing a few bets, you may want to use the prize money.

Step 5: Withdrawal

If you are lucky enough to make a profit or if you are simply tired of betting at a specific site, it’s time to request a withdrawal. Some tips are important to enjoy a smooth withdrawal process: before you even deposit funds into a bookmaker gaming account make sure you understand the policies related to deposits and withdrawals because some sites only allow the punters to cash out the money the same way they have added funds into their accounts.

Boleto is an exception to the rule because obviously it is impossible to ‘receive’ money using a boleto, in that case the standard withdrawal method for boleto deposits usually is the bank transfer.

In the past some bookies preferred to stick to cross border e-wallets but they seem more accustomed to processing bank transfer these days – even in Brazil.


The step by step guide will allow you to place your first bets successfully – on a final note we believe it’s worth to mention that the fact that the gambling brands don’t really have a CNPJ in Brazil yet doesn’t scream danger when it comes to requesting a bank transfer – the transactions are inter mediated by third parties and the bookmakers still don’t have bank accounts over here before the regulation process is finally concluded.

If you have time to research the different offers of bonuses available in the market we suggest that you compare the bonuses available in Brazil at the time of your registration at a specific bookie as they may vary a lot – even if you choose only out of the renowned companies.