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Judo Betting Markets

The sport is an interesting alternative to bet these days, the odds can be displayed in the same format as football, that is, the decimal system and the martial art shares many similarities with other betting markets like MMA and even other individual sports such as Tennis.

Judo a Brazilian TV Star

Brazilians can be considered kind of picky when it comes to following sports other than football; Judo however seems to have been impacted by different positive factors that improved the popularity of the martial art in the country in the last years.

Even before MMA became a thing in Brazil like it has been in the USA for longer time, Judo had some prestige: there usually were names that were protagonists or at least strong competitors during the Olympics and the Pan American games since many decades ago; the most relevant medals however started coming a bit before the big explosion of popularity of the martial arts in the country caused by the investment of major groups like Globo to transmit UFC fights to the masses.

The fact that MMA stars usually love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has an obvious connection with Judo, which kind of explains the sustained growth of the sport in Brazil: Judo derives from ancient Jiu Jitsu, in fact its inventor Jigoro Kano was a fighter of Jiu Jitsu before creating his martial art.

Martial arts in general are living a peak of popularity which culminated in 2019 in a reality show about Judo aired on broadcast television which is a bit of an oddity as the kings of broadcast TV in the country have always been football, soap operas and the news.

It is well possible that the local competitions will keep growing and we may have more betting odds available to punt on fights of judokas; however, the big events like the Olympics and the Pan American games remain the major betting markets of the sport. It is interesting to note however that cable TV channels like SporTV often air fights of national events like the Brazilian Championship as well as the World Judo Championships it may not be that easy to find odds for those events like the Olympics but it is still possible to bet there too.

2-way Bets

The 2-way bets are simple: you must choose out of two possible outcomes, which means the nature of the fights is perfect for an easy betting decision.

All you have to do to become a profitable bettor of Judo fights is to develop skills to predict the result of fights or the upcoming winners of medals at big events.

Of course, learning more about sports betting itself like the importance of betting on big odds is important; however if you are able to punt on the winners very often you can already make use of your qualitative knowledge about Judo to become a profitable punter.

If you are fond of Judo we suggest that you start researching even more about the sport at specialised websites you will find it amazing to rediscover the sport you love with the eyes of a bettor!