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What a year 2021 has already been for judo events have taken place across the world from the Doha Masters in Qatar to the Olympic games in Tokyo and all of the grand slams in between. Next in the 2021 calendar is the Judo Grand Prix in Zagreb, Croatia which includes less countries and athletes, but all the same excitement. With this excitement comes a lot of opportunity to take part in some judo betting.

History of Grand Prix Judo

The Judo Grand Prix is part of the Judo World Series along with the Masters, Grand Slam and Continental open. These events are organised yearly by the international judo federation (IJF) which consists of 200 national federations, they report 20 million people globally practice Judo. The IJF has organised the World Series since 2009 which consists of 5 Judo Grand Prix, 4 Grand Slams, a Masters tournament and a Continental Open tournament.

Format of the Judo Grand Prix

Grand Prix Judo takes place over 3 days, each day consist of different weight classes of both make and female athletes competing. The evening before each competition an official weigh-in takes place, the weights range from 48 kg to +100 kg. Professional Judo competitions work off a points basis in which waza-ari (half points) and ippon (full points) are awarded. Countries athletes tally up gold, silver and bronze medals throughout the Judo Grand Prix.

What types of bets can I place on Grand Prix Judo?

With the Grand Prix this month some of you may be wondering if betting on competitions is possible, it is and you can place bets on the sports betting sites we are affiliates with. The most popular bets that you can place on Judo include betting on a match, this is which athlete will win a match between 2. Outright winners in Judo refers to competitions rather than matches, this is who will finish on the top step and receive a golden medal. Betting on the top 3 is perhaps better for newcomers to Judo gambling, this is if an athlete will finish in the top 3 and receive a medal.

When does the Judo Grand Prix start?

The Grand Prix in Zagreb is set to begin on Friday the 24th of September 2021 and continue until Sunday the 26th. The weight class format tends to increase throughout the competitions so that the Friday could feature weights 48 kg up to 66kg for example. The Sunday would include the 80 to +100 kg weight categories if past formats are anything to go off.

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