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Swimming as a TV Product in Brazil

The sport is one of those activities that usually is seen more as leisure than a media product in the country; in fact very few sports like Football, Volleyball and Basketball enjoy the status of being a sport that the people that play them normally follow professional events – just like with running or ping pong, people often like to play but not to watch games unless if we are talking about specific times like the Olympics or the Pan American games.

Although the sport is taken more seriously abroad than locally, it is still possible to specialize on swimming bets as the sport is big in terms of number of events and there are many options to bet between the Pan American games and Olympic times.

In fact, the sport has been growing in Brazil since the first decade of the 21st century – until that generation of swimmers Brazil never had protagonists at big events and the gold medal of César Cielo in the 2008 Olympics was a big milestone for the sport in Brazil, which eclipsed the former stars of the 90s like Gustavo Borges.

How to Bet on the Sport

The nature of the betting markets of swimming events is quite simple: you normally focus your betting on the winners of each competition, like the winners of medals during Olympic times.

Some specific finals may have secondary markets but as the Olympic weeks have lots of simultaneous events it is common to see bookies focusing on the most relevant markets like the winners and the runners up as well as the 3rd place.

Perhaps the most specialized market is the competitions of teams as the punter needs to predict the performance of different swimmers at the same time, which makes this kind of competition one of the most exciting ones of the world of swimming betting.

Decimal Odds

If you bet based on Brazil then most likely the sites of the bookmakers will automatically display the odds as decimals, which means you will find it easy to understand the potential prizes of your bets based on the odds that are offered by the markets.

Building Your Bets

Just like any other sport you must build your picks based on rock solid information – there are numerous ways to do that and we have different suggestions based on your level of interest and knowledge about the sport; if you are a lover of this sport then we suggest that you read everything you can at specialised sites – although it’s not so easy to find information about the daily training sessions of the athletes like it is with bigger sports, you surely will find valuable information that will prepare you to place profitable bets.

If you are not fond of swimming as a sport to follow the news then you may be more interested in the media coverage that is especially done during big events – if you have the time you should search for videos at sites like globoesporte.com or even the long build ups that are produced before big finals for example – you can often build strong picks based on quick explanations by special commentators invited during Olympic times like the year of 2020.