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Table Tennis in Brazil

Although Table Tennis has been popular in Brazil; still few Brazilians associate it with professional sports. Many Brazilians still remember the past glories of Hugo Hoyama but it is fair to say that competitive table tennis is more associated in the country as something restricted to the Olympics or the Pan American games, in fact many Brazilians don’t even know that Hoyama is retired and details about his career like the fact that he trained in Europe for years remain unknown.

To consider table tennis a viable sport for betting it is firstly important to know that it is far more popular abroad than in Brazil, in fact, it is the national sport of China.

After understanding the status of ping pong outside Brazil it is much easier to understand why there are so many betting possibilities in terms of tournaments other than the big international ones.

Ping Pong Betting

The markets for ping pong betting are very similar in comparison with tennis, i.e. the most common bets are on the winners of the games as well as the tournaments and the nature of the bets being ‘2-way’ means it is very easy to calculate odds and the game is very attractive to arbitrageurs just like tennis.

You can also bet on the next winners of Olympic medals or the winners of medals of games like the Pan American Games.

Exotic Markets

If you are a table tennis aficionado it may be interesting to explore foreign sources of streaming and coverage of tournaments like the local Asian tournaments – not only the Asian games but the pacific games as any sports events featuring Asians tend to have good games of ping pong as well as related sports such as tennis and badminton.

Exchange Tips

It is well possible nowadays to exchange skills with other profitable bettors, in fact betting forums are amazing sources of information and if you prove to be a skilled ping pong bettor by transforming your knowledge into betting tips you could even be invited to private forums where keen tips are kept among profitable punters.

For starters, you can share some knowledge over open forums which is where the invitations to specific communities normally happen – if you are quite profitable you may even be invited to bet for syndicates or private investors, any profitable skills can be capitalised and ping pong betting is no exception especially considering how popular it is in Asia and the consequences it has to the market liquidity.

Ping Pong as an Alternative Market

If you are skilled at other kinds of sports betting like tennis and football you could see ping pong betting an al alternative market – there are numerous benefits to betting on many sports the most obvious being the possibility to bet across different days and times of the week and the fact that each sport has different season calendars means gamblers that diversify their bets don’t have days that are ‘boring’ as there are no fixtures like most Fridays and Mondays in Brazil.