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A Great Secondary Market

If you enjoy sports betting and you live in Brazil it’s very unlikely that you don’t know or don’t like the idea of betting on football games: tennis can be an interesting secondary market to diversify your bets for many reasons, let’s have a look at them

A Profitable Market

Even if you never played tennis before when you watch a game it is easy to spot when a player is playing without focus, tennis is full of fast moments that have a player being more focused than the other; the sport is quite tiring and as it is an individual sport it’s impossible to rest a little and take it easy while your team mate covers for you, the players must focus all the time and only legends like Nadal can be 100% focused 99% of the time – the ups and downs of the players within a tennis game can represent profitable opportunities that can easily be spotted during TV or streaming coverage and these opportunities don’t take previous research.

Easiest Odds System Possible

The normal system of odds for Tennis events is quite simple and as it is impossible to have a draw as a result of a tennis game the two potential outcomes are the victories of each player; the result is the calculation of estimations is fairly easy.

If you are a rather advanced bettor you may have heard about arbs and you should know that tennis bets are among the most popular markets for arbitrage because the fact that they are just 2 odds for each game (at the match result market) means the liquidity of the tennis markets can be very good even if the players involved in the game aren’t that famous.

Lots of Games

The yearly schedule of the tennis world is full of competitions, unlike other sports that have good betting markets only during major international events; the tennis world has the Grand Slams as well as many other new competitions like the ATP Tour.

While some sports are forcedly secondary or alternative markets for professional punters, tennis is plentiful enough in terms of number of games to allow a punter to be just a ‘tennis bettor’ or ‘tennis trader’.

A Growing Betting Market

The live betting of tennis is unique in terms of excitement and a new form of betting is popularizing: the single point bet! In the past the smallest fraction that could become a potential bet would be the ‘next game’ of an on-going set – nowadays thanks to modern live mathematical / physics models it is possible for live computer cameras to process the information in real time and allow the bettors to engage on bets on the next point without the necessary action of a bookmaker trader (which is nearly impossible in that case)


Tennis betting is a viable option for bettors that want to focus on a sport they love and forget about football, but we recommend to make the most of all sports betting markets and their most profitable opportunities.