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Volleyball Bets

The sport is a bit unique in the sense that there are important competitions involving selections every year, in a way this makes it easier to spot the best clubs as the top players are always involved in the most prestigious competitions of the world of international volleyball.

Not a Fair Treatment

Volleyball athletes in Brazil have been incredibly overlooked in comparison with football, they are absolute protagonists at top leagues like the Italian national league however the amazing development of the sport in terms of elite players was never reflected in terms of ‘true competition’ – football remains the sovereign sport in Brazil and a rather fair ‘distribution of the media focus’ – not like ‘half/half’ but a little more respect for volleyball would be fair considering the Olympic medals that the sport brought to Brazil.

In fact, Brazil is kind of too big and even the national football league isn’t big enough as many cities don’t have a big football team – it is impressive to see how volleyball sells lots of tickets in the countryside and even in big cities.

Brazilians have a big passion for volleyball that isn’t reflected in the commercial development of the sport in terms of sponsorship however TV coverage has improved significantly over the last years.

Is Betting on Volleyball Viable?

Volleyball is considerably developed abroad and if you consider the calendars of the local Brazilian league, foreign leagues and the international events there is a good number of games that could become profitable bets.

However, team news might be an issue to allow you to build strong picks – they aren’t as plentiful as in the world of football and perhaps live betting on volleyball is the ‘safest’ market as you can see what is going on at the TV or through a bookmaker free streaming for example.

The wisest thing for punters is probably to diversify their bets across different sports – some betting forums can be a good place to share your volleyball picks in exchange for information about sports that you don’t follow closely like football or Motorsport.

Volleyball Markets

The systems of odds are usually the ‘normal’ 2-way, i.e. bets on the winner of a game, and handicap bets that try to guess correctly the number of sets that a team will win at a game.

If you are sure that a strong club will beat 3×0 a smaller side, it may be more profitable to bet on that exact selection instead of lower odds for the ‘game result’ that could come as a 3×2 or 3×1 that would ‘mean’ the adversary is in fact stronger – the nature of sports betting odds is the same regardless the sport in question.

International Betting Markets

While bets on national leagues are becoming more important, the most relevant markets for volleyball betting still are the big competitions like the Olympics and regional games like the Pan American games or the Asian Games – if you are a volleyball aficionado you mean want to search for special streaming sources and even bookies to bet on exotic leagues of your favourite sport.